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 The Agetimes Wizard is a computer program designed to provide the general public all the little known facts about your age!  For instance, do you know what day of the week you were born?  The hours, minutes and even seconds you are now living?  The dates for the milestones of your age? All will be present, plus more!!!

   AgeWizard.gifThe AgeWizard, at right, will guide you to a tour of the available programs for your use.  The first will be the DAN's Agetimes Calculator which will display the amount of the 4 basic agetimes - days, hours, minutes, and seconds - as well as weeks, months, and years the user is now living.  View the milestones of the agetimes during your lifetime, the date of the next milestone, the month of your birth. There is a page for the United States of America - its "Age of Our Nation" and a Running Times display of its agetimes.

By this age gauge at left, we can see our age range.  With 5,000 agedays that is roughly 13 2/3 years of age. To have 10,000 it will be 27 1/4 years of human living.  It takes about 40 years to be at 15,000 agedays.  It will be just over 54 years from birth to reach at the 20,000 ageday level.

 Ideally, for a lifetime of 25,000 to 30,000 agedays it is equivalent to 68 to 83 years of living.  It (following the major measurement of true living) should be a better means of measuring life in terms of days.

  To reach adulthood it is about 7,500 agedays (21 years is exactly 7,670 days) and that may serve to be a better measurement of living.

   The AgeWizard has a story:

A shipwrecked man came upon an uncharted island to find the natives quite friendly. A female native who guided him to "civilization" said the leader is excited because on the next day is his 20,000th day to live and there is a feast already being celebrated. Also his son is approaching his 7,500th ageday, sometime next week, and that means he will be legally an adult.

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