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Runnin' Agetimes

Displays your current agetimes with time running. [Send birthdate and birthtimes]

Windows Phone


DAN's Agetimes Wizard

[smaller one]

Runnin' Agetimes [with birthdate & birthtimes input], find out date, days between two dates

Windows 8


U.S.A. Runnin' Agetimes

"The Age of Our Nation" show of current agetimes

Windows 8 & Phone


[ Free with any above order ]

Agetimes Wizard

[on the works ]

Agetimes Calculator, Runnin' Agetimes



DEMO Demonstration of My Bioscycles Windows 8 & Phone Email me for it

My Bioscycles

Displays your biorhythms plus more! [Send birthdate and birthtimes]

Windows Phone


*Includes handling, sales tax charges as appropriate

For use of my consulting and analysis views on your Bioscycles the charges are as follows:

Use for 30 days >> $5.00
For One Year Use >> $40.00
[For Pro Athletes] Use for 30 days >> [Pros] $50.00
[Pros] For 6 month Use >> [Pros] $250.00
[Pros] Use for 1 year >> [Pros] $500.00

Order by check - enter all info on your check

Can pay by PayPal [no PayPal account setup necessary]. Donate if you wish

Pro athletes can choose what time frame for his/her bioscycles [shown by week/month]

Analysis with graphic sent in privacy by email

There are 5 options, click on your choice below


Pro athletes, if you donate $20 or more to me, you get a free weekend/week Bioscycles analysis!


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