About this site

This is the site that, after input by the user, provides a need-to-know little known facts about the person's age.

Programs are provided, such as the Running Agetimes, Bioscycles for anyone, and Consulting and Analysis for professional people concerned about their physique condition during their chosen time.

Pro athletes, if you donate $20 or more to me, you get a free weekend/week Bioscycles analysis!


That's me! As the AgeWizard! On Twitter. "@theAgeWizard"

That's me, the Author, the Creator of all these on this site!



At 12, I played Little League baseball, most games were routs. My senior year at my high school, I was a regular on my chess team that won city of Chicago [Illinois] title undefeated.

Two-time participant for Team USA [table tennis] in the Olympics. Also two-time played for Team USA in the World Team Chess Competitions

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