We live in cycles.

Bioscycles, my innovative invention that displays all the 3 elements (Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual [Mental] ), green line is Physical, red Emotional, blue Mental, and skyblue bar above chart is for body strength.

So as you understand that cycles do have their strong and weak cycles, and mixed. You can wonder on times when people get hit, get hurt and sometimes die, and at the same time nothing happens when they got hit. Also, is this a good time to have surgery?

This is preferably for professional athletes on tour and on a serious undertaking to be on good condition to play well as to WIN!!

Have you ever wondered that athletes performed well one time and the next time did lousy? For answers check your bioscycles!

I also created programs such as 'Agetimes Wizard' 'Birth Analysis' 'My Bioscycles' and 'USA Agetimes' - logos are below

Here's a bio-chart of the U.S. 40th President, Ronald Reagan, taken 2 months after taking office. A guy went berserk and did shooting at random with his gun, and Reagan was hit at his left side chest. As you can see, he was on top of his physique and survived this.

Take a good look on this graphic below. This is a bio-chart taken on the day Princess Grace [Kelly] died. There's a red outline around the chart, that signifies a real bad time, and this is for professional athletes to 'stay at home!' Can this happen to you? This is the result of my innovation analysis, new is body strength!

Pro athletes, if you donate $20 or more to me, you get a free weekend/week Bioscycles analysis!

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